Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Screwed-Up Examination of Conscience

If you live in the United States, you probably think about your clothing size too much. You probably know how much you weigh today, how much  you weighed last month, how much you weighed last year.

You have fat clothes and skinny clothes in your closet. You judge your self-worth based on which set of clothes you fit into right now.

If you are like many Americans - especially women - you go to bed mad at yourself if you ate too much junk and you wake up slightly depressed, believing the only remedy is having a few days of eating a restricted diet.

Other things matter to you as well - like how tan you are, how long ago you had your nails done, if your roots are showing, if your teeth need to be whitened again . . .

These are false examinations of conscience. They have replaced the one that matters. Here is a new way of thinking:

Think only about being the best self you can be for God. Eat healthier, but do not obsess. Being holy matters far more than what you ate today. Exercise, but do not think about it more than you pray - or seek God - or study the things of God.

In short, get over your screwed up examination of conscience.

Here's the real deal.

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