Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tulips and Tidbits

I found this on a tulip website. It is a list of events that signal the time for planting bulbs. There is nothing Catholic here, but it is a such a great list that it made me smile. So, I am passing it on to you.

There really is a season for everything under heaven. Enjoy the list:

Signals that will work well in most regions:
  • Soil temperatures in your area are approaching 55°F
  • Fall nighttime temperatures stay between 40° and 50°F
  • You blow out the irrigation system before the winter freeze
  • The Fall striped bass run is on
  • The Fall foliage has moved just past peak
  • Squirrels are digging in acorns as fast they can
  • Birds start grouping
  • You start to smell wood smoke
  • The soft woods in the high peaks start to yellow
  • In the north you start closing windows In the south you start backing off the air conditioning
  • The grapes are ripening on the vine
  • You don't hear the crickets any more
  • You start turning the heat on in your car
  • While driving, you see leaves bouncing along the interstate
  • The hostas start to lie down
  • You catch a whiff of that organic, decaying leaf smell
  • The dog stops lying in that round hole he dug in the garden, and moves to a sunny spot
  • Your kids start putting on their jackets without any nagging from you
From Colorblends

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