Sunday, March 18, 2012

You've Been Outbid

You've been outbid.

I've been spending too much time on ebay. The phrase is in my head and it's playing on an endless loop.


Too much of life is like that. Bidding on things that catch the eye. Disappointed when we don't get what we've set our hearts on. Upping the ante. Losing anyway. Quickly finding a new bauble to take our minds off the one that got away.


You know what... there is one place where I like to hear the word outbid.

In the confessional.
Where I'm absolved from sin.
When the enemy of my soul has to listen and flee.

Before Confession on Saturday, one woman sat down near me and said, "Well, here we are. Sinners." I nodded, but soon, I thought, a new word will replace that one. Forgiven. Sinners, yes. But soon...

You've been outbid, satan. The Blood of Christ has paid the price.

Precious Sacrifice.
Holy Offering.
Lamb of God.
Perfect One.

Plunged into the sea of Divine Mercy. Yes, the enemy of our soul has been outbid. Jesus Christ is the highest bidder for your soul. And He's waiting for you in the Confessional.



  1. I just love the thought of "You've been outbid, satan. The Blood of Christ has paid the price."


  2. Praise the Lord for His Divine Mercy! Lovely post, Denise..+