Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please Pray

Dear Catholic Faithful,

My cousin’s son is a high school senior, and he was just in a motor cycle accident. He has severed his spinal cord and is being flown to a Minneapolis hospital. Please pray for him.

My cousin and her husband are Assembly of God pastors. I saw my cousin just a couple of weeks ago. She said that her husband had attended a symposium at the local university where he was on a panel discussing faith topics. When he returned home, he told my cousin that he had more in common with the Catholic priest on the panel than any other person there.

Mary and Nathan Johnson and their son Ben live in Minot, North Dakota. They pastor

Many thanks,

Denise Bossert



  1. Lord Jesus, we ask you to shine your Divine Mercy down on this young man and his family in their time of need. May the healing touch of your spirit and mercy descend upon his spine and his whole person, body and soul. May the knowledge of your constant presence carry this family through this tragic time.
    Lord you say that where two or more are gathered together in Your Name, you are there in their midst. Well we gather together Lord,from near and far, and we pray for Your healing hand to be right here right now. We believe Lord Jesus that you hear us and will answer us. Mary Holy Mother of God,intercede for them all. Amen

  2. I just saw this today Denise..I am praying.

    O God come to their assistance, O Lord make haste to help them.