Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Rhythm of Lent

I used to place a high premium on getting a good night’s sleep. On nights when I battled insomnia, I wanted to throw the alarm clock at the bedroom wall. I tried every nesting routine that had been successful in the past, stopping short of walking in circles on the bed like a dog. When I didn’t get a solid night’s sleep, everyone knew it the next day.
I used to love eating in restaurants. Someone else made the meal. Someone else got the messy dishes. I didn’t have to please six different people with six different tastes in food. When we had to rein in the spending, our eat-out budget got chopped. After about two weeks, I would simply have to go to Denny’s and get the Grand Slam.
I still love a good night’s sleep, and I still love to eat out.  But something is changing. I’m craving a spiritual diet and rejuvenation time with God more than a meal out and blissful sleep.
God is teaching me to turn insomnia into prayer time. He’s teaching me to be contented with what is in the food pantry at home. These may seem like little things. But they aren’t insignificant. They aren’t trivial at all.
This is the message of Lent. It is part of our journey to sanctification. If we let God transform us in little ways, He will begin to transform us in all ways.


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  1. This Lent has been a profound one for me;I see it has for you as well.Thank you for shining a light on the fact that we can be changed,by His grace.